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NAMI St. Croix Valley greatly appreciates the work of its volunteers who help us make the organization such a valuable community resource. We are appreciate volunteers for the following positions:

Family and Peer Support Group Facilitator - NAMI Family and Peer Support Group Program is a peer-based, mutual support group model. Wanting to support other members is the ultimate qualification for becoming a facilitator.  Family and Peer Support Group facilitators are guides and sympathizers.

In Our Own Voice Speaker - Attend about 20 hours of training provided by NAMI to do community presentations to organizations, businesses and groups that help break down stigma and enrich audiences' understanding of mental illness. Specific presentations allow volunteers to share their stories of recovery and living well with a mental illness.


Vacant Board Positions:

Program Manager

  • Is a member of the Board

  • Coordinates NAMI sponsored programs, i.e. support groups, training initiatives, request for guest speakers, and works in tandem with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure coverage of such programs

  • Communicates with NAMI at the state level to stay current on all NAMI sponsored programs and events

  • Coordinates locating sites and meeting places for all NAMI sponsored programs based on the needs of the community

  • Responds to intake call line and other social media inquires

  • Possess a generalist knowledge of mental health and community resources to effectively respond to inquires

  • Ensures that all local NAMI sponsored programs are aligned with the mission and values of the state and national NAMI

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Is a member of the Board

  • Coordinates the scheduling and rotation of volunteers for NAMI sponsored programs/functions

  • Recruitments and ongoing engagement of volunteers for all NAMI sponsored programs

  • Engages, supports and empowers NAMI volunteers use of self and talents

  • Communicates with Board current volunteer staffing efforts, issues, and needs

  • Is lead in volunteer recognition and communications

  • Actively resolves volunteer conflicts and disputes that arise

  • In tandem with the PR/Communications Specialist, maintains communication with community partners for volunteer recruitment and recognition of community relations

Board Member At-large

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